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Instagram Tag You’re It!

Instagram’s latest fad is “tagging” a friend so that they have to write 5 things you didn’t already know about them. I love reading them and anxiously waited to see if I was popular enough to get tagged. It felt a little like getting picked for sports teams in junior high but, I got picked a lot sooner than with this ig-game.

IMG_2780Anyway, when my friend from Calgary finally tagged me I felt like changing the game up a little bit and writing “5 Things You WISH You Didn’t Know About Me.”

Here they were:


Here are some more peculiar attributes that I’ll write for the sake of amusing future posterity.

After all, that is the main reason I keep a blog right?

6. I’ve always viewed my nose as abnormally large but have realized that I was just comparing mine to the itsy-bitsy-sized noses of my four sisters.

7. I drank out of a bottle until I was 7. I was even making my own by then.

8. I cry and sniffle in any type of sad. Once an entire movie theatre looked at me because I sobbed at a quite part of 13 Going On 30.

9. If I could do anything for work, I would be an artist that donates all my profit to a children’s charity.

10. Christopher loves playing with my earlobes and I love it…until they get soar because he’s been squeezing them for so long.

11. I epliday my legs instead of shave. I haven’t shaved since I was 16! But don’t worry, my legs are not all hairy. I do get the random ingrown hair and I love picking at them!

12. My pet peeve is hearing someone smack their lips while eating.

13. I automatically start counting how many seconds it takes to fill my bottle from a water fountain. Or I count how many gulps I take, trying to reach 10.

14. When I drink out of a juice box, I don’t stop till the box is crinkling because it’s so empty. I can’t ever stop!

15. I HATE being alone because I think something will happen to me and no one will know where I went.

16. My Mom made me an angel food cake as tall as I was for my 5th birthday and I still remember it.

17. I correct people’s English grammar. “It went  well.” Not, “It went good.”

18. In elementary I had the boys in my class pay me 10 cents every time they said a swear. I don’t know why, but they agreed to it!

19. I have a freckle on my right palm that is in the shape of a heart.

20. I love playing doubles more than singles.

21. I would rather play sports than go to a dance or dinner. I have way more fun and there’s no small talk.

22. I’ve kept an agenda (book or iphone form) since elementary. I need to write it down if I’m going to do it.

23. I played first chair french horn for all three years in our  jr. high band and was also in a private brass orchestra.

24. On my mission I was known as the “sister who hated elders”. I didn’t hate them at all! I was just phobic of being that flirty sister missionary so I decided to just talk with them as little as possible.

25. Cuddling with Christopher is the best part of my day. I feel so happy and safe in his arms.

Phew, I’m done. So now I tag you to tell me at least 5 things I don’t already know about you!

Great Wall artist

This is taken on the Great Wall of China. He was painting with just his fingers and side of his palm. He was great!

I started by enhancing the colours by increasing the saturation.

I burnt quite a bit to make it sharper.

I changed it into Black and White and then I decided to change the tint to more of a Sepia look with Photo filter.


This is a photo I took in Beijing. I like it because it shows how extreme the gap is between the rich and poor. Many people that I saw iether drove a Lexus or rode a bike.

To start I auto enhanced the photo.

Then I enhanced the saturation of reds, blues and yellows.

I used the burn tool quite a bit to make the car shine more and the rust to show up more on the bike.

I finished by cropping the photo t cut off a bunch of the left hand side of the origional.